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Samsung Digital Door Lock

Samsung Digital Door Lock
Samsung Digital Door Lock
Product Code : 39
Brand Name : Samsung
Product Description


  • Samsung SHS H705 & SHS 5230 Digital Lock can programmed up to 100 Fingerprints,
  • 1 Master and 10 User Password and 5 mechanical keys instead of 2 keys will be issued.

Special Feature:

  • Master Password  is required to protect programming
  • 10 User Password that can issue for temporary entry, popular for rented house and housekeeping service
  • Touch screen is much more wider than Yale Digital Lock (by 2cm) hence  it is easy to press and suitable for old folks
  • Mechanical key as 5 will be issued instead of 2
  • HDB Metal Gate handle will not hit onto the digital lock handle hence the success rate for installation is near to 99%

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