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Hotel Locks

Product Image (OZF-51)

RFID Locker Locks

Price: 1650 INR

Big range of rfid locker locks suit for gyms, waterparks, swimming pools, schools etc

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Price: 5500 INR

OF3000 mifare hotel lock is a very high quality mifare card lock which is programmable with the uwe of an encoder which gets connected to the PC with a USB cable. The metal is SS304 which comes with 10year warranty of tue SS304 parts. There is a wide demand of such rfid hotel lock, keycard locks, hoyel card locks in all new hotels under construction and all those which are upgrading. There is also the possibility of pifting opening records of the locks through the data collector card.

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Price: 5200 INR

OF2000 is one a leading economic mifare hotel lock model. The handle metal is SS304 which carries 10 yr warranty for non corrosion. The keycard hotel locks can be programmed to work with an expiry date on the cards beyond which it stops to open unlock itself. The cards get programmed with the help of the encoder through oZoWaZ hotel lock management software.


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