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Air Curtain

Air Curtain
Air Curtain
Product Code : 60
Brand Name : Cross Air
Product Description

Air curtain are designed to prevents the entry of dust, insects and retains the Heating/Cooling effect of the interior.
Air Curtain is machine used for separating outside environment with inside environment.
Air Curtains has downward-facing blower, mounted over an opening. It throws air across the surface with certain pressure. Usually the opening is at the entrance to a building, or opening between two areas- having different temperatures. 
Cronix Air Curtains throws at an air pressure of 19m/s enough to generate a high pressure air that can reach the floor.
Air Curtain once installed at main entrances opening creates an invisible barrier.

•  Maintaining Air Temperature Inside
•  Energy Saving - By Increasing efficiency of Air Conditioners
•  Keeps Dust Out of premises- Making environment- dust free
•  Keeps Flies Out
•  Helps climate control in premises due to managed air flow.

Model No.Dimensions (mm)Frequency (Hz)Voltage (V-)Noise (db)Air Velocity(m/s)Max Input (Power)HI-Lo
CA-03900 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 5818.5-20360-310
CA-101000 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 5918.5-20380-320
CA-041200 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 6018.5-20470-410
CA-051500 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 6118.5-20580-520
CA-061800 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 6318.5-20690-610
CA-072100 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 6618.5-20820-740
CA-082400 X 220 X 21050/60220-240< 6918.5-20920-840

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